19 July 2023

Diesel blending solutions for the oil and gas industry

In the oil and gas industry, blending is a common practice. It occurs when two or more products are mixed according to a specified percentage. A typical example is the mixing of hydrocarbons of fossil origin and products of plant origin, such as biodiesel/biofuel, and diesel fuel.


Advantages of diesel blending

Diesel blending refers to the process of mixing two or more different types of diesel fuel to create a fuel blend with specific characteristics. Here are some advantages of diesel blending, specifically in the oil and gas industry:

  • Reduce environmental impact: Our solutions help you achieve better performance with fewer emissions by using a renewable origin product
  • Reduce costs: in those countries where the renewable part of the product has a lower taxation than the fossil origin one


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ISOIL custom tailor-made solutions in diesel blending

ISOIL is a leading company in the field of diesel fuel blending solutions, providing custom tailor-made solutions that meet the specific needs and requirements of their customers. We have extensive experience in the design, production, and installation of blending systems that enable our customers to achieve optimal fuel quality, performance, and efficiency. 

Our solutions are designed to improve and speed up the loading process inside terminals and refineries. With our cutting-edge technology and expertise, we are able to offer our clients a range of instrumentation that is both innovative and effective, ensuring that they can operate at the highest level of performance and efficiency.


Vega 3 multi-counter flow computer

bioethanol blending vega 3

The VEGA 3 is an advanced product designed for efficient diesel fuel blending and loading operations. With its modular system, the VEGA 3 can seamlessly handle up to 6 loading arms and 12 counters, making it perfect for diesel blending applications. 

Its versatility allows for the precise measurement and management of up to 48 additives, catering to various blending requirements. Additionally, with the capability to handle up to 6 different diesel products, the VEGA 3 ensures comprehensive control and accurate tracking, meeting the stringent demands of the diesel blending industry. 

Streamline your diesel blending processes with the advanced features of the VEGA 3 Electronic Flow Computer, optimizing your efficiency and ensuring top-notch fuel quality.


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Fields of application

Diesel blending solutions have a wide range of applications beyond oil and gas plants. Some of the major fields of application are:

  1. Automotive: Diesel blending solutions are used in the automotive industry to reduce emissions, and increase fuel efficiency. By blending diesel with other fuels, such as biodiesel, the resulting fuel can have improved environmental properties.
  2. Marine: in the marine industry blended products are used to power marine engines and reduce emissions. Blending diesel with marine diesel oil (MDO) or marine gas oil (MGO) can help reduce sulfur emissions, which are regulated in many countries.
  3. Power Generation: it can also be used in power generation to improve the efficiency and reliability of diesel generators. Blending diesel with other fuels can improve the combustion process, reduce engine wear, and extend the generator's life.
  4. Agriculture: By blending diesel with biodiesel or other renewable fuels, farmers can reduce their carbon footprint and support sustainable agriculture.


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