Function Principle

Master Meters are high-precision meters that speed up calibration operations as they can be placed in series with the meter to be calibrated, thus conveying the product to a recovery line or tank.

Maximum flexibility

Master Meters can be mounted on trolleys with wheels so that they can also be transported by road to get as close as possible to the meter to be calibrated. For a high level of flexibility, they can also be equipped with additional instrumentation (thermometers, pressure switches) and hoses.

Master Meters and Proving Tanks
Master Meter
Proving Tanks 1- 2 liters
Proving Tanks 5-10-20 liters
GPL Proving Tanks 1000 - 2000- 5000 liters
Fixed Proving Tanks 50 - 100 - 200 liters
Fixed Proving Tanks 5000 - 10000 - 20000 - 250000 liters
Mobile Proving Tanks 5000 - 10000 liters
Proving Tanks 1000 - 2000 liters

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