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The Operational Advantages of the FLEXIMIX Additive Injection System by ISOIL

The FLEXIMIX injection system by ISOIL has been developed with a clear objective in mind: to engineer a cutting-edge solution for precise additive injection management.


FLEXIMIX e has been designed to precisely introduce up to six different additives per loading arm into the primary product stream. In this way, the quality and performance of the whole operation are maintained, guaranteeing excellent results across several applications - even during tank truck loading operations.


Furthermore, the FLEXIMIX additive injection system precisely proportions each additive to introduce just the right amount of substance needed and, thereby, reducing waste. It also features an advanced and sophisticated "washing" function that clears lines of any residual additives before final product delivery, preventing cross-contamination.

additive injection system

The Working Principle Behind the FLEXIMIX Additive Injection System 

The strength of the ISOIL solution is its adaptability. In fact, FLEXIMIX is the ideal choice for fuel additive injection systems, as well as for any other application requiring exact dosage.


At the heart of the FLEXIMIX, there is the Injection Controller Main Unit (IC-M), a microprocessor-based controller with a specialized software for accurate additive injection according to specific recipes. The IC-M continuously measures the main product’s flow while controlling solenoid valves on the Injection Blocks (IB2) to begin the process. The flow additives are meticulously measured by a high-precision P.D. meter within the IB2, ensuring that the additive-to-product ratio is maintained throughout the operation, regardless of the fluctuations in the main flow.  


Each IB2 block encompasses a precision oval gear flow meter and a solenoid valve that work in tandem to dispense the additives. The system’s modular design allows the adjustment of the injection scale from very low to higher flows, depending upon the different requirements of the applications. 


The FLEXIMIX additive injection system includes advanced features, such as: 


  • remote control operation;
  • automatic calibration;
  • flushing function for post-operation cleaning.
Additive Injection System

Which are the Fuels FLEXIMIX Can Deal With?

Just like its name “FLEXIMIX” additive injection system can manage a diverse array of fuels with flexibility and precision. This flexibility is instrumental for facilities that deal with multiple types of fuels, ensuring they can handle a comprehensive set of fuel properties for specific applications


ISOIL FLEXIMIX solution can efficiently deal with these fuels:

  • diesel
  • gasoline
  • biofuels
  • specific fuels for aviation 
  • marine fuels.


ISOIL is a Reliable Supplier of Fuel Additive Injection Systems Supplier

ISOIL is a leading supplier of additive injection systems. Our goal is to provide precise, reliable and groundbreaking solutions to businesses that blend additives into fuels on a daily basis. 


The FLEXIMIX solution stands out for the quality, exemplifying the pinnacle of Made in Italy products to their highest standards. The system’s adaptive technology is always monitoring and adjusting flow rate, improving the purity and consistency of the final product. 


As industries increasingly demand top-tier devices for fuel additive injection, ISOIL stands out as a trustworthy supplier that remains committed to exceeding their expectations with systems that offer: 


  • precise control;
  • reduced operational costs;
  • flexibility. 


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Fleximix Additive Injection System
Modular System Fleximix
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