Loading tank trucks and rail tankers has always been the core business of ISOIL IMPIANTI, whose primary goal is to offer reliable and competitive solutions – in compliance with the current metrological and regulatory framework.

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For the most frequent needs of the sector, such as:

  • Loading safely and accurately, as well as ever more rapidly
  • Design flexibility and integration with pre-existing equipment and systems
  • Ease of installation
  • Utmost reliability and accuracy of the measurement
  • Protection of measuring systems from unauthorised transactions
Loading SKID

Over the time ISOIL has designed and developed loading skids with different architectures (top loading, bottom loading, top and bottom loading) depending on operational needs, intended to meet the customer's and dimensional limitations without compromising system quality and performance.

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Liquids for the energy sector

Following the evolution of the market of liquids for the energy market, Isoil has also developed loading skids for products such as LNG and it keeps offering its long experience in measuring and automation for tank truck loading operations. 

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ISOIL depot solutions are the apex of our 60-year plus experience in the sector. From tank truck loading and unloading, from additive injection to adulteration for subsidised products, ISOIL is able to provide solutions ranging from the individual meter to complete and engineered skid solutions where all the components are already assembled and wired, resulting in a system ready for installation.

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Avio (1)

ISOIL provides aviation fuel measuring systems for the management and handling of fuels within airports for refueling aircraft on board refuellers and hydrant dispensers or fixed stations for refueling helicopters or small aircraft.


As regards depots, measuring and automation solutions are also available for tank truck loading and unloading. Thanks to our great attention to engineering and certified and "tailored-made" solutions, we have established ourselves as a leader in the refueling market.

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Marino_ anteprima

ISOIL has a presence in the marine sector with measuring systems for marine bunkering, blending of marine fuel oil (MFO), for the refuelling of barges and for meters on board tanker ships but also with marine refuellers for yachts and fishing boats.

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We follow the entire process at 360 °, also after installation we take care of all the necessary assistance to ensure efficiency and safety for our customers.

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Custom Tailor-Made

ISOIL stands out for its ability to customise products based on the Customers’ specific requests, even when they differ from standard.

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