From the point of view of automation, on the plant side, the electronic counter acquires signals from various types of transducers (pressure, temperature, density), the status of a number of external devices (grounding, anti-overflow, position of the loading arm, emergency button, etc.) to verify that the safety and operational conditions of the transfer are met. On the basis of this check, it checks any root valves, the flow rate control valve, pump status, additive injection system, or any other devices to deliver the required amount of product according to the intended operational and safety procedures.

Scheme Avio EN 800X400

The electronic counter is the core of the measuring and automation system that manages the signals from the field. At the same time, it carries out two-way communication with the control room; it sends information on the loading status and receives indications from the Terminal Automation Software, under whose supervision and control it operates.

ISOIL offers three different models of electronic counters:

VEGA T2 - The New Electronic Counter for Aircraft Refuelling & Terminal Operations

VEGA T2 is the ultimate solution in terms of electronic register & controller for the into plane refuelling / defueling applications, either on mobile vehicles or on refuelling modules, and for oil terminals as well.





  • On board of a hydrant dispenser or refueller, VEGA T2 can manage up to 2 Meters, controlling both the Underwing and the Overwing refuelling Meters separately and at the same time as well.


  • In terms of Automation, VEGA T2 can interface, monitor, and manage information from several sensors on the vehicle, such as the water contamination sensors, the differential pressure transmitter or switch, the water in sump sensor, level sensors, deadman etc.


  • Thanks to its extended communication features (serial lines, Ethernet Port, Bluetooth compatible peripheral and Wi-Fi), VEGA T2 can make all the measure and automation information available to remote units such as on-board computer or external devices for data acquisition and transmission. At the same time VEGA T2 drives a ticket printer directly, with legally relevant functions.





  • For loading & unloading applications within the oil depots or for custody transfer lines, VEGA T2 can be matched with almost any type of flow meter and, by acquiring the information from optional temperature, pressure and density sensors it can provide a legally relevant measure of the quantity delivered.


  • VEGA T2 can control the preset valve and monitor the signals coming from the devices around it, thus granting safety of all the operations.


  • Thanks to its extended communication features (serial lines, Ethernet port, Bluetooth compatible peripheral and WiFi connection), VEGA T2 can communicate with the control room, share the delivery information and receive the instructions to operate from a SCADA or TAS.
Multi Meter Head (Bay controller) VEGA 3

Vega 3 is a modular system capable of managing, in its most comprehensive execution, up to 6 loading arms / 12 counters, 48 additives and up to 16 different products.

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Geared towards execution flexibility, it is the optimal and most technologically advanced solution for managing the automation of the entire loading bay, through a single logical device, yet with distributed component architecture.

Single Meter VEGA T 

Available for fixed installation (deposits and transfer lines) and for movable mobile installations (on road tank trucks and aircraft refuellers), VEGA T is the optimal solution for all applications that have type 1 connection: 1 counter - head.

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Compact-sized, it offers all the functions required by most applications of average complexity.
For two specific applications, VEGA T is available in the special DOUBLE COUNTER version:

  • for aircraft refuellers, it manages two counters simultaneously, one for underwing refuelling and one for overwing refuelling
  • for tank trucks with gravity unloading, it manages two meters at the same time, typically one for petrol and one for diesel fuel, to avoid product contamination
Electronic Counters

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