Tank Trucks

When the fuel is delivered to the service station or user by tank trucks, custody transfer measurement of the delivered product is required.

ISOIL has therefore developed comprehensive measurement solutions fitted on tank trucks for the various application categories.

Gravity unloading

When the product is delivered in a classified area, it is not possible to use the pump on the vehicle, the product is unloaded by gravity (i.e. due to the hydrostatic head of the product alone) into the underground tank of the service station.

This application situation features technical peculiarities due to the low pressure value of the liquid – hence the need for a meter with low pressure drop – as well as to the management of large masses of air that might alter the accuracy of the measuring system, typically occurring at the beginning and at the end of unloading a tank truck compartment.

The most comprehensive offer for this application situation includes two gravity meters (one for diesel fuel and one for petrol, to prevent product contamination), an operation control electronic counter and a ticket printer.

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Pump and gravity unloading

There are vehicles that deliver into the underground tanks of the service stations (and therefore with gravity unloading) as well as into above ground diesel fuel tanks at the end user’s site (and therefore with pump). ISOIL has developed “hybrid” measuring systems, i.e. capable of operating in both application situations, reducing to the minimum the costs of fitting the tank truck and ensuring vehicle flexibility.

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Pump unloading

In all situations where the tank truck delivers the product into above ground tanks, therefore using the pump the vehicle is equipped with, ISOIL offers the SBM series of counters specifically designed for this use, available in a number of setups according to the operational requirements.

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Application Markets

Tank Trucks

ISOIL boasts extensive experience in the construction of measuring systems on road tank trucks, both for gravity and pump unloading, as well as in equipment on aircraft refuellers for civil and military aviation.

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Avio (1)

ISOIL provides aviation fuel measuring systems for the management and handling of fuels within airports for refueling aircraft on board refuellers and hydrant dispensers or fixed stations for refueling helicopters or small aircraft.


As regards depots, measuring and automation solutions are also available for tank truck loading and unloading. Thanks to our great attention to engineering and certified and "tailored-made" solutions, we have established ourselves as a leader in the refueling market.

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We follow the entire process at 360°, even after installation we ensure all the assistance necessary to ensure efficiency and safety for our customers.

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Custom Tailor-Made

ISOIL stands out for its ability to customise products based on the Customers’ specific requests, even when they differ from standard.

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