Applications in tank loading procedures

Designed as an important component of operation automation, electronic badge readers can work directly combined with the electronic counter (VEGA T and VEGA 3) in MASTER mode or as remote device in communication with the control room in SLAVE mode.


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What is an electronic badge reader?

In automation operations, electronic badge readers are essential devices for reading and scanning operator’s badges or cards before starting loading and unloading procedures. 


Functioning is easy, fast, and secure. Electronic badge readers allow you to increase safety in a delicate applications such as fluid measurement in the oil & gas sector. There are different types of badge readers, such as biometric, magnetic, barcode or RFID.



Main features

SBR is a radio frequency proximity electronic badge reader (without contact), ATEX and IECEx certified, suitable to recognise the driver before entering an oil terminal.
SBR Badge readers grant:


  • high reading reliability
  • no wear and long service life operation
  • safety of use in the danger zone (zone 1)


SBR reads badge transponder 125 kHz with standard size according to ISO 7816 (as a credit card). The badge code can be read by simply inserting the badge in the pocket on the front and it is transmitted via a serial communication line:


  • on request in the case of the SBR/A version which is normally used in connection with a TAS system
  • spontaneously in the case of the SBR/B version that is normally used with VEGA T or VEGA 3 electronic counters.

The reader is also equipped with three LEDs indicating:


  • red: power ON
  • green: correct reading of the badge code
  • yellow: output relay status


The TAS can also handle the relay to drive an external device such as a bar or a traffic light. In this case, the reader spontaneously transmits the code of the badge.  When there is no automation, the badge allows loading operations only to the drivers in possession of a badge that has been enabled by a special procedure on the VEGA T or VEGA 3 electronic counter.


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Electronic badge readers (SBR)

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