ISOIL provides measuring systems for the management and handling of fuels within airports for refuelling aircraft on board refuellers and hydrant dispensers or fixed stations for refuelling helicopters or small aircraft.

As regards depots, measuring and automation solutions are also available for tank truck loading and unloading.

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ISOIL specializes in the measurement of aviation fuels (Jet Fuel & Avgas) within airports, at whatever point it is necessary

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Soluzioni Carico Anteprima

Tank truck loading is the leading solution of the ISOIL offer whose primary objective is to find solutions to the most frequent needs of the sector such as...

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In cases where the tanker is not equipped with an on-board meter, the measurement of the discharged volume takes place by means of a fixed measurement unit.

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Refuelling Units

Also for the refueling of fishing boats and pleasure boats, the reduction in the time of operations has led to the need for systems capable of managing higher flow rates ...

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Certified solutions

In line with European directives we are certified for building Explosion Proof Devices according to ATEX, for Pressure Equipment (PED) and for metrological systems (MID). We have also obtained certifications from the metric departments of many other non-European countries and we are certified with the ISO 9001 quality system.

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All our solutions are designed and produced in Italy following the strictest quality standards.

Thanks to our technology, constant training of our team and a number of strictly selected suppliers, we are able to identify and provide solutions suited to all our customers.

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