21 August 2023

Biodiesel blending: a guide to the process and technologies

biodiesel blending

As the world shifts towards more sustainable forms of energy, biodiesel has emerged as a promising alternative to traditional petroleum-based fuels. Biodiesel blending, the process of combining biodiesel with petroleum diesel to create a fuel that is more environmentally friendly and cost-effective, is becoming increasingly popular.

In this technical article, we will delve into the intricacies of biodiesel blending and provide a comprehensive guide to the process and technologies involved. We will also highlight the expertise and experience of ISOIL, a leading company in the field of biodiesel fuel measurement systems:



Blending biodiesel with traditional diesel to create a renewable fuel source

Blending biodiesel with traditional diesel to create a renewable fuel source not only reduces the carbon footprint of transportation but also promotes the use of renewable resources, making it a more sustainable fuel option. ISOIL, a leading provider of fuel measurement systems, is capable of supplying biodiesel blending solutions that are integrated into the tank truck loading process. This in-line blending system offers several advantages,

  • savings in terms of cost and production time scales;
  • blend flexibility;
  • quality of the blended product.

By blending biodiesel and traditional diesel during loading, ISOIL solution eliminates the need for an extra blending step, thus reducing production time and costs. The flexibility of the blend ratio allows for customization according to specific requirements, while ensuring
the quality of the end blend.


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The process of blending biodiesel in the oil and gas industry


The biodiesel blending process in the oil and gas industry typically involves combining petroleum diesel with biodiesel at a specific ratio. This ratio can vary depending on the desired properties of the end product and the local regulations.

Blending biodiesel with petroleum diesel is commonly done in refineries, loading terminals.


biodiesel blending

The process requires careful monitoring and control of the blending process to ensure the quality and consistency of the final blend. The use of specific equipment and technology, such as ISOIL biodiesel blending solutions, can help to streamline the process, improve accuracy and precision, and reduce operational costs. According to the customer’s needs, the system can be designed to be installed on the transfer line to the tank or directly at the loading point.


ISOIL Vega 3 multi counter flow computer for biodiesel blending



The heart of any biodiesel blending process is the control system, which must be capable of managing various blending architectures to suit the specific application needs and regulatory framework.

In this context, ISOIL VEGA 3 electronic counter, a state-of-the-art solution, offers advanced functionalities and high levels of accuracy and reliability. The VEGA 3 system supports various blending architectures, including:

  • sequential blending;
  • ratio blending;
  • side stream blending;
  • differential blending.


Each of them has unique benefits and challenges. Sequential blending involves blending two or more components in a specific order to achieve a desired final blend, while ratio blending involves blending two or more components in a fixed ratio to achieve a consistent blend,
measuring the two components separately. On the other hand, side stream blending achieves the same result by measuring the secondary product (biodiesel) and the blended product.


The VEGA 3 electronic counter offers flexible and precise control over each of these blending architectures, allowing for accurate and reliable blending operations in compliance with applicable regulations. Whether for small-scale blending operations or large-scale industrial applications, ISOIL VEGA 3 is a versatile solution for biodiesel blending.


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