Blending of two or more products occurs according to a specified percentage. A typical example is the mixing of hydrocarbons of fossil origin and products of plant origin, such as diesel fuel and FAME or petrol and ethanol.


The Blending architecture of ISOIL solutions is in-line, that is, during tank truck loading, and offers several advantages:

  • savings in terms of cost
  • savings on production time scales
  • blend flexibility
  • quality of the end blend



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Custom Tailor-Made

ISOIL is able to supply various types of blending skids. According to the customer’s needs, the system can be designed to be installed on the transfer line to the tank or directly at the loading point.

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Vega 3 multi counter flow computer

The control core of blending operations is the VEGA 3 electronic counter, capable of managing various blending architectures, depending on the application needs and fiscal and regulatory framework:

  • Sequential blending
  • Ratio blending
  • Side stream blending
  • Differential blending
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ISOIL depot solutions are the apex of our 60-year plus experience in the sector. From tank truck loading and unloading, from additive injection to adulteration for subsidised products, ISOIL is able to provide solutions ranging from the individual meter to complete and engineered skid solutions where all the components are already assembled and wired, resulting in a system ready for installation.

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Custom Tailor-Made

ISOIL stands out for its ability to customise products based on the Customers’ specific requests, even when they differ from standard.

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We follow the entire process at 360 °, even after installation we ensure all the assistance necessary to ensure efficiency and safety for our customers.

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