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ISOIL is a landmark in the oil market with a calling for the energy sector, manufacturing and supplying PD flow meters and providing comprehensive services for the petroleum distribution industry. Our focus on engineered, certified and tailor-made solutions, together with our extensive  worldwide sales network, allowed us to become an international partner for many leading oil companies.


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PD flow meters suppliers

ISOIL is among the leading PD flow meter suppliers in the world. These instruments allow to precisely measure the volumetric flow rate of a moving fluid entering a measuring chamber. Measurement accuracy, reliability and compliance with international standards are the main features of our metering systems. 


ISOIL can supply different PD flow meters: 


  • Aviation PD flow meters - we have designed specific PD meters for the aviation industry, to be mounted on aircraft refuellers and hydrant dispensers;
  • Stainless steel PD flow meters - their main components are made of stainless steel to resist to corrosion and  chemical wearing;
  • Single Case PD flow meters - used in many applications, single case PD flow meters can be built according to Customer’s needs (flanges, materials, etc…);
  • Double Case PD Meters - specifically designed to eliminate the effect of line pressure on the metering accuracy;
  • Gravity Meters -  when liquid flows by gravity, such as in the case of tank truck unloading;
  • Pump & Gravity meters - when there’s need of flexibility and tank truck unloading requires both gravity or pump flow.


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ISOIL, Italian quality supplier 

Thanks to our large experience, and metrology expertise,  we can offer a wide range of quality, flexible and tailor-made solutions. We have been supplying PD flow meters and metering systems for over 60 years, with a complete product portfolio that covers the whole range of in-field metering and related automation systems (TAS), among land-based petroleum, petrochemical, and chemical storage tank farms. The numerous certifications obtained through the years are the emblem of our reliability: find out more on our About Us page.


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