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ISOIL is a landmark in the oil market with a calling for the energy sector, manufacturing and supplying PD flow meters and providing comprehensive services for the petroleum distribution industry. Our focus on engineered, certified and tailor-made solutions, together with our extensive worldwide sales network, allowed us to become an international partner for many leading oil companies.


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PD flow meters suppliers

ISOIL is among the leading PD flow meter suppliers in the world. These instruments allow to precisely measure the volumetric flow rate of a moving fluid entering a measuring chamber. Measurement accuracy, reliability and compliance with international standards are the main features of our metering systems. 


ISOIL can supply different PD flow meters: 


  • Aviation PD flow meters - we have designed specific PD meters for the aviation industry. Engineered to be mounted on aircraft refuelers and hydrant dispensers, they are an invaluable solution for measuring the amount of jet fuel dispensed to the aircraft. Measurement operations can be performed both by mechanical or electronic counters. 


  • Stainless steel PD flow meters - the main components of this device are made of AISI 316 stainless steel, which is extremely resistant to corrosion and chemical wearing. By choosing such a device, you will be able to bring a new level of accuracy and repeatability to your daily measurement procedures across several sectors. 


  • Single Case PD flow meters - PD flow meters for many applications that can also be designed according to the customer’s needs. ISOIL PD meters provide low pressure drop while ensuring precision and accuracy over time. It is suitable for a broad range of liquids, and it is the right choice if you are looking for a versatile tool. 


  • Double Case PD Meters - specifically crafted to eliminate the effect of line pressure on the metering accuracy. It is a useful tool in tank truck loading and unloading operations; aircraft refueling and the transfer of petrochemical products from refineries to depots and pipelines.


  • Gravity Meters -  when liquid flows by gravity, such as in the case of tank truck unloading, a gravity PD meter is the perfect solution as it ensures to stabilize pressure while eliminating air throughout the entire operation.


  • Pump & Gravity meters - when flexibility is needed and tank truck unloading requires both gravity and pump flow, this device is able to reduce the inlet pressure, handling a higher line pressure thanks to the pump and effectively managing the elimination of air during gravity unloading.


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The technical advantages of our PD flow meters

Precision and repeatability are two core aspects that engineers and operators specialized in liquid management look for when choosing the perfect PD flow meter for their daily tasks. 


ISOIL, as a leading supplier and manufacturer, offers products that deliver: 

  • impeccable measurements, as the volume of fluids can be meticulously assessed;
  • versatility, dealing with several types of liquids;
  • performance, even in low flow conditions, ensuring perfect dosing and dispensing in applications where small quantities of fluid are required;
  • a consistent flow data related to volumetric measurements, as these can be recorded by counters (mechanical or electronic);
  • cost-effectiveness over time, since they are highly resistant, they ensure the best performances with low maintenance operations.


Choosing ISOIL as your PD flow meters supplier means opting for devices which are carefully designed to cater to your needs, enhancing efficiency, accuracy, and operational excellence in fluid measurement.


One PD flow meter for several applications all at once 

Every industry has its specific operational needs. As we do understand the diverse challenges of every market, ISOIL, as PD flow meter supplier, has engineered a series of devices that can seamlessly integrate in your day-to-day activities, making the difference in many different applications. 


PD flow meters suppliers for the Aviation sector

Thinking about the aviation sector, one word comes to mind: preciseness. A component is not just a part in a more complex system, but is the key to make the aircraft function properly. This is why ISOIL has crafted PD flow meters designed to meet the stringent requirements of the JIG standard, dispensing the correct amount of fuel to the vehicle and ensuring every parameter is under control. Another important feature is the technology that characterizes our tools, as it makes volumetric fluid measurements swift and accurate


ISOIL PD flow meters for the Oil & Gas market 

When it comes to the Oil & Gas market, demands change. In this context, what is most relevant for measurement capabilities is a robust structure guaranteeing consistent performance. ISOIL has therefore created a complete line of PD flow meters that can easily transfer liquids through pipelines thanks to their compactness


These tools can manage: 

  • tank trucks loading and unloading operations;
  • additive injection;
  • blending processes.


Our solutions for the Marine industry

In the marine sector, fuel management can be more challenging because of high flow rates that can undermine the accuracy of measurement operations. However, our PD flow meters offer unmatched precision as their output is not compromised by flow rate, pressure, or temperature changes. 


These are the operations you can carry out with our devices: 

  • the refueling of small fishing boats;
  • the measurement of bunker onboard barges
  • ship loading;
  • blending heavy fuel with diesel oil.


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ISOIL, Italian quality supplier 

Thanks to our large experience, and metrology expertise, we can offer a wide range of quality, flexible and tailor-made solutions. We have been supplying PD flow meters and metering systems for over 60 years, with a complete product portfolio that covers the whole range of in-field metering and related automation systems (TAS), among land-based petroleum, petrochemical, and chemical storage tank farms. The numerous certifications obtained through the years are the emblem of our reliability: find out more on our About Us page.


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