17 June 2024

Custody Transfer Metering Solutions for the Distribution of Oil Products

Custody Transfer Metering Skid 800X400

What is Custody Transfer Metering and Why it is Essential


Custody transfer metering is a critical process in the oil and gas industry, involving the accurate measurement of hydrocarbons (such as crude oil and natural gas) when ownership is transferred from one party to another.


This process typically occurs at points of sale, transport, or storage, ensuring both buyer and seller agree on the quantity of product exchanged.



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Custody Transfer Metering Skid 800X400 (1)

Advantages of Custody Transfer Metering Skids


A skid is a pre-assembled, modular system that includes all necessary components for custody transfer metering.



ISOIL's Skid-Based Solution for Custody Transfer Metering – A Case Study


ISOIL Impianti has developed an advanced skid-based solution tailored to the needs of a customer, a major operator in the Italian oil logistics sector.


The products unloaded from ships in Genoa are then delivered through a complex network of pipelines to various storage depots in Northern Italy. There, they are stored and subsequently loaded onto tanker trucks for distribution to service stations.


Therefore, the system had to address the need for precise volume measurement during pipeline transfers from ships to storage facilities.


Master Meter Custody Transfer 800X400

Custody transfer metering is a vital component in the oil and gas industry, requiring utmost accuracy and reliability.


ISOIL's skid-based solutions offer significant advantages in terms of precision, operational efficiency, and compliance with industry standards.

By offering advanced technologies and robust components, ISOIL ensures that its custody transfer metering systems meet the demanding requirements of the industry, facilitating smooth and accurate product transfers.


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