Helicopter Refueling Systems

Discover the ISOIL helicopter refueling systems for the aviation sector and experience first-hand their benefits in terms of efficiency and reliability.


At ISOIL, precision is key to provide safe, reliable and durable helicopter refueling solutions that ensure seamless results. 


On this page, we will discuss: 



How to refuel helicopters

There are several systems that can be used to exert helicopter refueling operations. This is why ISOIL has developed equipment for every phase of this procedure. 


When it comes to helicopters’ refueling, in fact, it requires continuous and automatic fuel loading into the helicopters while keeping track of all the core parameters of the aircraft through electronic devices. 


Another important factor for helicopter refueling is fuel loading equipment. ISOIL products help the operator during each stage, guaranteeing fast and accurate results


Verifying meters’ accuracy is important to ensure that helicopter refueling systems properly function. As a matter of fact, safety is a priority in the aviation industry. This is why ISOIL supplies reference meters (Master Meters) to carry out these operations.


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ISOIL helicopter refueling solutions

ISOIL helicopter refueling systems are not only stable and efficient solutions, but they can cater to the stringent safety and quality requirements of the aviation sector. Here you can find some of our key products. 


  • PD meters are the perfect instrument for helicopter refueling operations, as they can provide just the right amount of fuel needed with exceptional accuracy. Moreover, Positive Displacement meters can provide precise volume reading even in the harshest environments. 
  • Pulse emitters are made for the aviation industry as they can effectively resist electronic interference, which is a constant in this field. 
  • VEGA T2 is an electronic counter which can be easily integrated with other on-board devices and signals on the vehicle undertaking analytic measurements and related operations.
  • Large EX display is usually located away from the helicopter. It’s a device which makes reading measurements of fuel more visible from a distance. 
  • In-line solutions to monitor fuel density. 


Each one of these helicopter refueling systems has been engineered to lower downtime and facilitate the ease of the operations related to fuel measurement and management


Why should you choose the ISOIL helicopter refueling systems

Over the years, ISOIL has reached new heights of innovation thanks to the unwavering work of a highly specialized team that puts attention to every single detail


The helicopter refueling systems we provide are designed to be: 

  • safe and compliant with the current standards and regulations of the aviation industry; 
  • technologically advanced, as we believe in constant improvement and testing new cutting-edge technology for helicopter refueling systems;
  • tailored - ISOIL values the specific needs of each project, and provides customized solutions that can effectively meet the most diverse demands;
  • comprehensive - whenever you need any after-sales support, from guidance to maintenance, our experts and Customer Care Service will be by your side.


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