Working Principle

Fleximix is an adaptive system, as it constantly monitors the flow rate of the main line and adds the exact required quantity of additive, metering it through a gear PD meter. As the main flow rate changes, so does the quantity of delivered additive, assuring the exact nominal proportion.

Additive injection block IB2

The IB2 additive injection block is the compact solution for additive management, which includes a small strainer, the additive counter, the solenoid valve for checking the additive quantity, as well as an additional outlet for periodic calibration of the additive counter.


Working Principle

IB2 is controlled by the electronics of the Fleximix system, in stand-alone IC-M mode (with independent keypad and display) or IC-E built into the architecture of the VEGA 3 bay controller.

Additive Injection
Modular System Fleximix
Injection Block IB2

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