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ISOIL is a flow meter manufacturer and supplier based in Italy. As a reliable partner, we offer to our customers the know-how of our high-quality Flow Metering solutions for several industrial applications. 

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Flow measurement has become a priority in modern industries, as well as accuracy. This is why ISOIL is devoted to engineering and production of a broad flow meter range where each device can be easily integrated in your processes for superior performance and higher quality standards.


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ISOIL Flow Meters: Discover A New Level of Accuracy

Are you looking for flow meters that combine groundbreaking technology with accuracy? The ISOIL range is the right choice for your daily measurement operations. Expertly crafted in Italy, our Flow Meters & related accessories can be used for various applications to cater to the needs of different sectors. Our products are tailor-made, so that they can adapt to your specific requirements

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Aviation Meters


ISOIL aviation meters exemplify durability and precision, offering a range of models from size 3’’ to 6’’. Designed to maintain the highest accuracy (±0.1%) and repeatability (0.02%) in fuel management. ISOIL flow meters set the industry standard for long-term consistency. This makes them the ideal choice for critical aviation operations, including aircraft refueling and calibration. 


Our models are fully compatible with aviation fuels, featuring robust aluminum structure and flanges with the option for stainless steel components for enhanced corrosion resistance. The integration of self-lubricating vanes and seals prevents leakage and provides reliable performance and operational integrity in every situation. 


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Stainless Steel Meters (2’’ – 6’’)

Stainless Steel (3)

ISOIL stainless steel PD flow meters include the SBMX and the BMX series, engineered to deal effectively even in the most aggressive environments. This device is available in sizes from 2’’ up to 6’’ and is made from high-grade Stainless Steel 316 for better durability. 


ISOIL flow meters are Made in Italy products, engineered for endurance and performance across varying flow rates throughout extensive operational periods. They can be integrated into existing systems, ensuring compliance with the current EU Directives. In particular, the ATEX Certification guarantees their safety even in explosive environments. 


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Single Case Meters (1 ½’’ – 8’’)


ISOIL single case meters are renowned for their solid design, featuring a single measuring chamber that ensures minimal pressure drop and maximum precision. The design allows maintaining the accuracy under varying flow conditions with no need for frequent recalibrations


Choosing a single case flow meter by ISOIL means to opt for a durable device offering a reliable mechanical and electronic system, without complex maintenance procedures


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Double Case Meters (3’’ – 10’’)


ISOIL double case meters are crafted in Italy and allow handling significant variations in line pressure without compromising the accuracy of the measurement. The design features an internal measuring chamber shielded from the full brunt of liquid pressure, preventing internal distortions and ensuring the repeatability of measurement.


Robustness and precision are key values at ISOIL Italy, as our double case meters are particularly suitable for applications that require perfect pressure stability. We are committed to improve measurement technology providing flow meter technology to deal with the most demanding industries. 


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Gravity Meters (3’’ – 4’’)


ISOIL offers a range of highly performing gravity meters to optimize flow measurement where liquids are transferred by gravity rather than pumped systems. These meters are ideal for loading and unloading tank trucks at gas stations where it is necessary to operate at low-pressure conditions.


A key feature of these meters is their low-pressure drop, which ensures efficient operation even when inlet pressure is limited. Additionally, these meters are capable of handling the presence of air, and are therefore a reliable choice for various low-pressure applications.


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Pump & Gravity Meters (3’’ – 4’’)


ISOIL Pump & Gravity Meters are the ideal solution for industries requiring seamless integration of both pump-driven and gravity-fed systems. Designed to adapt easily to both operation modes,  these meters are available in sizes ranging from 3’’ to 4’’


Pump & Gravity Meters can perform under varied pressure conditions and they are engineered for small pressure drop, ensuring effective operation even where flow integrity is crucial. Furthermore, it can handle higher line pressures, making it the right choice to integrate into pumped systems. 


With ISOIL Meters air-related challenges will no longer compromise unloading procedures, ensuring measurement accuracy and reliability.


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Choose ISOIL Made In Italy Production 

ISOIL flow meters are the result of years of our expertise in fuel measurement. Our production plant is based in Albano S. Alessandro, delivering Made in Italy high-quality standards to each device and project. 

Our products are engineered and manufactured accurately, paying attention to every detail. 

Thanks to our in-depth knowledge of the market and its technical requirements, our team of experts will guide you through the specifications of every model and help you choose the best product to fulfill your specific needs.


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